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Services Performed: Social Influencer Campaign and Events

The Situation

Oaxaca Taqueria is a regional restaurant with 15 locations throughout New York City emphasizing Mexican food made with organic, locally sourced ingredients.

The client reached out to CBC to request assistance in growing its brand and making it more recognizable within the New York City area.

The Action

CBC developed relationships with a number of food influencers who were interested and excited to share information about Oaxaca with their followings. 

In addition, the CBC coordinated an in-store influencer marketing event targeting vegan influencers, inviting them to sample the restaurant’s newly-launched vegan menu and offering free promotional codes for all influencers to share with their followers.

The Result

More than two dozen influencers shared positive posts about Oaxaca pertaining to both the event and the restaurant's offerings. 

General Campaign

Combined Influencer Post Social Following: 355,000
Instagram Likes: 15,600

Launch Event

Combined Influencer Post Social Following: 114,000
Instagram Likes: 4,200


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