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Services Performed: B2B Expert Positioning & Speaking Engagements

The Situation

Marketplace Pulse is a leading provider of data analytics for e-commerce, offering deep insights into activities of companies like Amazon, Etsy and many more.

Company founder Juozas (Joe) Kaziukénas reached out to CBC to help bolster his company’s presence and build awareness that would position him as an expert in the world of data science and analysis.

The Action

CBC’s two-part strategy began with revamping Kaziukenas’s personal narrative in relation to his brand in order to position him as a true thought leader. Using this revised understanding of the client and his SaaS product, the firm began a process of pitching profiles and interviews as well as offering his expert insights on topics related to e-commerce analysis.

The second part of the strategy involved securing speaking engagements for clients that would highlight his expertise and contributions to the ecommerce industry. 

The Result

Project resulted in numerous media placements including expert quotes on Entrepreneur and CNBC, a full profile placement and recurring invitations to contribute to a specific media site as an expert analyst.

Combined Media Circulation: 40M+

Speaker placement procurement led to an opportunity at a major national top-tier, invite-only industry summit featuring executives from Fortune 100 companies.

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